• Independent of time and place

As working environments becoming increasingly flexible and mobile, companies are facing an increasing range of demands: How can staff be provided with constant access to relevant, upto-date data when they are off the premises? How is it possible to carry out complex coordination and management of mobile employees? Is data such as working times on orders – that is important for accounting and invoicing – relayed quickly and correctly to the relevant departments?

ATOSS Mobile Workforce Management is the perfect solution for dealing with these challenges. The ATOSS app means staff can use a smartphone or tablet to access important information and functions relating to working time and workforce scheduling – independent of time and place. This significantly facilitates business management, as well as increasing staff productivity on a lasting basis.

  • Efficiency

Staff can enter the times when they are out and about, record project times1 and directly enter activities and cost centers. There is no more need for elaborate manual processes that lack transparency, and accounting is accelerated, too. Absences such as holiday and business trips can be conveniently applied for, regardless of where the individual happens to be at the time.

In addition, field staff can check current working time balances quickly and simply. This significantly reduces the volume of inquiries to the HR department. Deployment and duty plans can also be viewed at any time and from any location. This allows efficient communication of short-term changes, too. ATOSS Mobile Workforce Management enables supervisors to process applications submitted by their staff right away, thereby ensuring smooth operations. Supervisors have a constant eye on key information such as current attendances and absences. This significantly improves staff management.

ATOSS Mobile Workforce Management is a module of ATOSS Time Control, the comprehensive solution for efficient time and attendance management. Available in the cloud and onpremise.

mobile workforce management
mobile workforce management

Bring about a lasting increase in staff productivity

  • APP

With ATOSS Mobile Workforce Management you can provide smartphone access to the main data and functions relating to all aspects of working time – in real time!

Independent of the place and time of deployment

  • Assign working times to orders/projects1, cost centers and activities
  • Precise workforce scheduling² and active staff management
  • Apply for and approve absences via workflow3
  • Transparency about balances even when off premises
  • Overview of all staff attendances and absences
  • Time recording and account assignment for groups of employees at the press of a button
  • Single-day or multiple-day absences recorded by the superior
mobile workforce management

  • Increased staff productivity
  • More time for core tasks
  • Precise recording and causation-appropriate assignment of working times to orders/projects1, cost centers and activities.
  • Stärkere Integration der Mitarbeiter in die Prozesse, dadurch höhere Motivation
  • Greater integration of staff into processes, resulting in increased motivation.
  • Improved staff and business management.
  • Information is up-to-date and available online.
  • Reduction of errors, inquiries and administrative effort.
  • Maximum demand fulfillment due to fast relay of short-term plan alterations.

Technical requirements:  iPhone from operating system iOS 7.1 • Android devices from version 4.0

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